Sell or Buy your Next Yacht with Iconic Yacht Group


Heesen 50 Meter MY Amare II


At Iconic Yacht Group, we recognize that upgrading or changing your boat is a natural part of the boating journey. Whether you want to purchase, exchange, or sell a boat, our skilled team is here to support you at every stage. We respect your time and ensure a transparent appraisal process, taking into account factors like age, condition, and market worth. Our aim is to offer you a competitive trade-in value that optimizes your investment and facilitates your transition to a new boat or away from your current one.

Our thorough brokerage process is comprehensive and meticulous. When it's time to buy or sell a pre-owned boat, you can trust that a professional Iconic Yacht Group Representative will guide you through the entire process.

Initially, we will conduct a detailed market analysis, examining similar boats currently on sale and those sold in the past year. We will assess your boat's condition in person, conduct a walk-through, and identify potential quick and cost-effective enhancements that could impact its value. This assessment aims to provide you with insights into the current market conditions, recent sales, and current listings to enhance your market understanding. Backed by research, we will propose a sales price. Subsequently, a listing agreement will be signed, marking the start of your boat's marketing journey. We will arrange a photo and/or video session, list your boat on various marketing platforms, including our website, and engage with our database of qualified buyers. An Iconic Marine representative will oversee showings and negotiate any offers received, with your consent. Upon securing a signed contract, we will coordinate the survey and sea trial. Once both parties agree on the purchase, the closing documents will be finalized.

Interested in starting the boat brokerage process? Tell us a little more about the boat you want to buy or sell: